Commercial Name


Generic Name

Cinnarizine BP


CINOMYST® Each Tablet contains Cinnarizine BP 15 mg.


CINOMYST® provides fast relief of various symptoms of cerebral and peripheral circulation disorders and prevents attacks of vascular headache such as migraine.
CINOMYST® normalised cerebral circulation time and curves and improves cerebral irritation in patients suffering from cerebral circulation disorders.
CINOMYST® significantly increases the rate of inflow of pulsations and the blood flow in the most affected limb as well as the walking distance of patients suffering from intermittent claudication.
CINOMYST® reduces the healing time of crural ulcers.
CINOMYST® reduces or eliminates symptoms of vestibular disturbances, vertigo, tinnitus and autonomic manifestations (nausea, vomiting, pallor and cold extremities) and reduces or prevents future episodes.


1. Carebral circulatory disorders:
a) Prophylaxis and maintenance therapy for symptoms of cerebral vascular spasms and arteriosclerosis such as dizziness, ear buzzing (tinnitus) vascular headache, unsociability and irritability, fatigue, sleep rhythm disorders such as premature awakening, involutional depression, loss of memory and lack if concentration and other disorders due to ageing.
b) Sequela of cerebral and cranial trauma
c) Postapoplectic disorders.
d) Migrain.
2. Peripheral circulatory disorders:
Prophylaxis and maintenance therapy for symptoms of vascular spasms and arteriosclerosis (obliterating arteritis, thromoangitis obliterans. Raynaud’s disease trophic disturbances, pregangrene, trophic and varicose ulcer, paraesthesia nocturnal cramps, cold extremities.
3. Disorders of balance:
a) Prophylaxis and maintenance therapy for symptoms of labyrinthine arteriosclersosis, vestibutar irritability. Meniere’s syndrome such as vertigo dizziness, giddiness, syncopal attacks tinnitus, nystagmus, nausea and vomiting.
b) Prophylaxis of motion sickness.

Dosage & Administration

Usual adult dose: 15 to 30 mg three times daily.
Children (5 to 12 years): Half of the adult dose.
Motion Sickness: A dose of 30 mg two hours before the start of journey and 15 mg every 8 hours during the journey. Peripheral arterial disease: 75 mg two or three times daily or as prescribed by the physician.


Contraindications are not known, side effects such as somnolence and gastro-intestinal disturbances are extremely rare. They are transient and may be readily prevented by achieving the optimal dosage gradually. Combination therapy with other drugs is possible whenever indicated.





Pack Size

CINOMYST® Tablet: Box containing 10×10 tablets in blister pack.

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