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Calcium Carbonate BP


Each MYSTOCAL-500® tablet contains 1250 mg Calcium Carbonate BP equivalent to 500 mg Elemental Calcium.


MYSTOCAL-500® contains Calcium Carbonate that is used as dietary calcium supplement and to sequester. Phosphorus in the intestine to reduce total body phosphate accumulation in chronic renal failure.


For dietary calcium supplement when it is deficient/
• As a phosphate binder in chronic renal failure.
• As an adjunct therapy in the arrest or slowing down of bone demineralization in osteoporosis.

Dosage & Administration

Adult and Elderly:
Dietary deficiency : 2 to 3 tablets daily.
As phosphate binder: Dose as required by the individual patient depending on serum calcium and phosphate levels.
Adjunct to osteoporosis therapy: 2 to 3 tablets daily.


Hypercalcaemia and hyperparathyroidism
Renal calculi and nephrolithiasis.
Zollinger-Ellision Syndrome and other causes of gastric acid hyper secretion.


In mild hypercalciuria or renal failure or stone formation in urinary tract, adequate checks must e kept on urinary calcium excretion. If necessary the dosage should be reduced or calcium therapy discontinued.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Calcium containing drugs are used widely in pregnancy by the way of oral calcium supplementation. Calcium carbonate can be used in lactating women too.



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