Atique Islam Choudhury

Managing Director


Atique Choudhury the man behind the business specialises in hospitality and the restaurant trade. Across his businesses Atique employs over 200 staff in a wide range of disciples from restaurants and consultative services. In addition to his restaurant businesses he is very active in consulting services providing leadership and mentoring as a Director and Project Management with his team for clients seeking his many years of expertise in relationship to new business ventures and start ups.

Yum Yum founded 19 years ago by Atique was at the forefront in a concept to bring a high standard of authentic and quality Thai Cuisine to London. As a qualified chef Atique has created his own unique style of brand, which collectively serves over 2000 customers per week.

His very high standards of excellence over the years has been rewarded with an acknowledgement throughout the business sector and community alike for his hard work and this has resulted in receiving many awards In business and his own personal achievements.

His many personal and business awards include; Caterer & Hotelkeeper Healthy Menu Award 1986, 1999, Winner of the Thai Food Festival, Egon Rhonay Oriental Chef of the Year 1999, Hackney Chamber of Commerce award for the best service in business 1999, Presented with the Thai Select Award for Thai Cuisine, UK Food Service award winner 2000, received an Arts & Business award in 2001, Thai Trade & Commerce Award for ‘Chef of the Year 2003, LBC 2003 Oriental Restaurant of The Year, Archant London Restaurant Award, Best Thai Restaurant 2007, Mayor of Hackney Business Awards, Best Business in Hackney 2009, 2006 presented by the Royal Thai Embassy and Buddhapadipa Temple an Honorary Certificate in recognition of his work for the Thai community in the UK, 1997 Finalist Best Thai Restaurant in London (Carlton TV).