Khaleda Choudhury

Founder and Chairperson


Mrs. Choudhury is a NRB and is the investor founder for the company. She is a mother of 3 children and two grandchildren.

Mrs. Khaleda Chowdhury in her late fifties, still runs her real estate and property business in central London with quite a good reputation. Involved in the business for the last thirty five years Mrs. Khaleda Chowdhury has proved her capability of an excellent marketing and managerial person. A founder chairman of Russell Lodge Holdings Limited, TCM Bangladesh Limited and Mystic East Limited, Mrs. Khaleda Chowdhury splits her time in Dhaka and London. She is associated with a number of social cultural activities.

She is a self-made business women. She has over 40 years of management experience managing her own real estate and property management business in London. She has lived in England since 1961.

Mrs. Khaleda Choudhury has been the founding President of The Mohila Awami league in the UK. She has been an active member of the British Labour Party. She has worked closely with ministers in the current British and Bangladesh Governments.